Management Consulting

What keeps you awake at night?

  • Is your debt load heavier than your bottom line?
  • Is the market playing games with your profit potential?
  • Are you tired of being burned out and burning working capital?

I’m here to help you find better answers.

What are managed accounting services?

  • Outsource your whole accounting department, including your CFO!
  • We can’t even send you a bill unless we have your books up to date!
  • Accounts receivable: let us invoice your customers so you can focus on running your business
  • Accounts payable: send your bills to your customized email address, then we will prepare them for you to approve and pay
  • Accounting: our worker bees will keep your books buzzing on a daily basis to make sure you have the information you need to run your business

What is strategic business planning?

  • With our fees tied to your revenue, we want to help you grow that number as fast as possible (in a sustainable way of course)
  • Not sure where the bottlenecks are in your business? Let us help you find them!
  • Is your team dysfunctional? Let’s work together to get them working together or find out who needs a Good to Great “bus stop”
  • Do you have a crazy idea that just might work? Let’s see if we can figure out how to make your dream a reality!
  • Is your IT a nightmare? Let our IT guys do a complete software and hardware analysis!
  • Do you have an opportunity to sell on a contract instead of at market?
  • And much, much, more. Give us a list of your pressing business problems and we’ll put our team to work helping you solve them!

What about the onboarding process?

  1. Fill out the simple contact form below
  2. You will receive a series of automated, but personalized emails that help us get to know a little more about you and your business (COMING SOON)
  3. Depending on how you answer those questions, you may receive one of my favorite business books in the mail.
  4. Please read this book at your earliest convenience, it will likely be helpful in future discussions between us.
  5. We will reach out via your preferred method of contact to setup a free phone consultation via Zoom meetings so that we can share screens if needed.
  6. If the phone call goes well, we will schedule an onsite visit. Onsite visits are at least 2 days and require a 100% refundable deposit before we book our travel arrangements. The amount of the deposit is entirely up to you, but this is your chance to tell us how much solving your business problems are worth to you, so pick the number thoughtfully.

If we sound like the kind of strategic business partner you’d like to work with, please fill out the contact form below and let us know a little bit more about you.

Fee structure for managed accounting services and strategic business planning

  • Operating companies: 2% of gross revenue
  • Private equity: 0.05% of net asset value (NAV)

All fees payable monthly as billed via recurring payment, ACH draw, or wire transfer. Fees are payable on the first of the month and we will not begin your work for the month if our fees are not yet paid.

Money back guarantee: All contracts will be month to month, you can cancel anytime. If you’re not happy with our services we will refund your current month’s fee and cease work immediately upon your written request (email counts too).


Strong <3 my friends