Farmer or Business Owner

For many operators farming is a lifestyle and frequently a family legacy. While legacy is important, sometimes traditions need to be examined with fresh eyes. Many farm operators treat keeping the books as an activity to do annually to satisfy the tax preparer.


If you’re happy managing your operation based on annual information to appease the tax preparer, we’re not the advisors for you. If you’re ready to treat examine your farming operation as the investment that it is, then we have something to talk about. Just like traction is important to move your tractor through the fields, traction is an important business principle to keep your operation moving forward.


To get traction, there must be a plan in place, and that’s why we like using Figured for farm management. It’s not just financial management for us, it’s enterprise management for you. Farmers and ranchers that hate bookkeeping get engaged by planning and forecasting in Figured because it speaks the language of production and marketing, then translates that information into financial information.


If you’re ready to give Figured a try for your farm or ranch operation, let us know and we can help get you setup with a free trial to start.

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